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Introduction to the Extreme Points Calculator

To find the max and min values without doing long calculations, the extrema points calculator is the best ranking calculator for finding the extreme values of the function. The extreme values calculator is an online tool that is used for finding the extreme values of the function.

extreme points calculator with steps

The extremum point calculator is the online freely-available derivative solver with steps that has user-friendly interface. It calculates authentic and accurate results with possible steps.

What Do you Know About the Saddle Point Calculator?

An extreme point calculator is a tool for finding the extreme values of the given functions. The extrema calculator is used to evaluate the profit values, measure the diameters, or find the number of materials.

The extreme points calculator makes it so much easy for researchers and students. The user doesn't need to do long, hectic calculations to find the function's values.

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Formula Used by Extreme Values Calculator

The extrema calculator is for finding the minimum and maximum values of the given functions. So there is no specific formula for doing calculation, but we have to follow the following steps to perform calculations:

  • Take the Derivative of the Function y=f(x).
  • Find when the slope is zero i.e. f'(x)=0.
  • Calculate for the value of "x".
  • Substitute it in the main function for the value of "y".

Now question arises, how to know either the point is maxima or minima?

For this purpose we have to perform a second derivative test by using our calculator derivative second.

  1. If the second derivative test will less than zero, then it is a local maxima.
  2. If the second derivative test will greater than zero, then it is a local minima.
  3. If the second derivative test will equals to zero, then test fails.

How does the Global Extrema Calculator Work?

To find the extreme points calculator, usually, the following steps are to be performed to calculate the minimum and maximum values of given functions:

  1. Open the calculator page, and Put the function in the required field.
  2. Or you can load an example.
  3. Now just click on the "CALCULATE" button.

Finally, the results are displayed on your screen. The Global Extrema calculator will evaluate the maxima and minima points from the graph of derivative (may calculate by using graphing calculator derivative).

After evaluating the differential function, refresh your page for new calculations.

Benefits of Extremum Point Calculator

The saddle point calculator is used to find the given function's values. It is the best online available tool for finding the extreme values for the given differential functions.

All he/she needs to work smartly by using such efficient tools. Following is the list of some perks of using this extreme points calculator:

  • The extreme points calculator helps to find the extreme values of the given function.
  • This calculator makes accurate, reliable calculations without any errors.
  • The user interface of this online tool is very friendly.
  • This online tool is error-free and doesn’t charge any subscriptions from their users. This calculator has free unlimited access that is the user can do calculations multiple times.
  • The saddle point calculator gives the solution with step-by-step instructions.
  • This extreme values calculator gives you results in a fraction of a second.
  • This calculator provide the value of the extreme value of a given function and its 3D plot. You can understand the variation of the maxima and minima points with this tool online.

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Is it Reliable to Use Extreme Point Calculator?

In Calculus, derivatives are shown in the form of graph for the illustration of a function visually. Here we often need to analyze the maxima and minima of a function. Finding the extreme points has great applications in realistic problems.

But the calculations of extreme points are somehow tricky to do manually. Students get confused between extreme points and tangent point at a line. Therefore It is reliable to use this tool.

On the other hand for those students who are confused, we also offer to find derivative at a point calculator for them.

Frequently Asked Question

How to Find Absolute Extrema

You need to follow some steps to determine the absolute extrema of a function suggested by the extreme value calculator,

  • Identify the interval or the domain on which you want to find the extrema.
  • Determine the critical points shown when the derivative of the function is zero. These points are the location of the extrema.
  • Determine the endpoints if the interval involves endpoints as these are the locations of extrema.
  • Now compare the values of endpoints and critical points to know the absolute minimum and maximum values.
  • Now find out which of the critical points has the lowest or highest function value.
  • Now you can see the results and find out where the minimum and maximum values occur.

It is also possible that if the function is unbounded or has no critical points in the interval then the absolute extrema may not exist.

How to Find Absolute Extrema on a Closed Interval

In order to determine the absolute extrema of a continuous function over a closed interval, the extreme calculator uses some simple steps,

  • Calculate the functions f(a) and f(b) at endpoints
  • Determine the derivative of f(x), f’(x), and find the critical points
  • Calculate the critical point function in the interval.
  • Now compare the values of f(a) and f(b) on the critical points
  • Find the absolute extrema by finding the largest of the values, absolute maximum, and the lowest of the values, absolute minimum
  • Now see where the absolute extrema values actually occur

Elaborate the Absolute Extrema vs Relative Extrema

The absolute extrema and the relative extrema are used to find the maximum and minimum values of a function which is also calculated through the saddle points calculator. Let’s find out some differences among them,

Absolute Extrema

Relative Extrema


The lowest or highest values of a function in an interval or domain

The lowest or highest values of a function in an open interval or particular point.


The maximum value obtained by the function on the specific closed interval or the entire domain.

The minimum value obtained by the function on a specific closed interval or entire domain.

The maximum value obtained by the function on a particular open interval or specific point.

The minimum value obtained by the function on a particular open interval or specific point.


Occurs at critical or endpoints.

Occurs at critical point on an open interval


This describes the absolute maximum or minimum temperatures in a day which gives the temperature change on that day.

This describes the peak and end points on a roller coaster which gives the relative minimum and maximum points.

How to Find Local and Absolute Extrema

Determining the local and absolute extrema involves different kinds of methods used by the critical points calculator. For local extrema, the methods are:

  • By setting the derivative of the function equal to zero and solving for x, determine the critical points of the function. It represents the location of the extrema.
  • If the function has a closed extrema then find the function at its endpoints.
  • If you have determined the critical points then use the second derivative test to find out whether the critical point corresponds to local minimum or maximum or neither of them.

For absolute extrema, the method is:

  • For a closed domain, determine the local extrema and find out the function on the endpoints and at the end compare the values.
  • For the entire domain, determine the critical points and check for extrema
  • Then calculate the function on these points.
  • At the end, compare the values to determine the absolute extrema.

Are all Critical Points Local Extrema?

No. all the critical points are not local extrema. Critical points, on the graph of relative extrema calculator, are the points where the derivative’s functions are zero. There are also some critical points that can correspond to local extrema while others may not. But it's possible that all local extrema are critical points.

Determine Where the Absolute Extrema of f(x)=3x^{2/3}-2x on the interval [-1,1]

The critical number calculator calculate the absolute extrema of the function f(x) = 3x on the interval, we will first calculate the function at the endpoints

$$ f(-1) \;=\; 3(-1)^{\frac{2}{3}} - 2(-1) \;=\; 3-2 \;=\; 1 $$

$$ f(1) \;=\; 3(1)^{\frac{2}{3}} -2(1) \;=\; 3-2 \;=\; 1 $$

Now determine the critical point, for that we will be taking f’(x) = 0

$$ f’(x) \;=\; \frac{2}{\sqrt[3]{x}} - 2 $$

$$ \frac{2}{\sqrt[3]{x}} -2 \;=\; 0 $$

$$ \frac{2}{\sqrt[3]{x}} \;=\; 2 $$

$$ \frac{2}{\sqrt[3]{x}} \;=\; 1 $$

$$ x \;=\; 1 $$

Now calculate the function at the critical point,

$$ f(1) \;=\; 3(1)^{\frac{2}{3}} - 2(1) \;=\; 3-2 \;=\; 1 $$

Now compare the values

The value of the function on the endpoint is

$$ f(-1) \;=\; f(1) \;=\; 1 $$

The value of the function on the critical point,

$$ f(1) \;=\; 1 $$

Now determine the absolute extrema,

As the values are the same, both the minimum and maximum are the same on the interval.